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A truly versatile application, the FlatLock system is usually reminiscent of beautiful tiles or scales. With a virtually flat, overlapping application these profile isn’t a traditionally rolled product; the possibilities are indeed endless with Flatlock. Whether you are after a specific shape, colour or material; FlatLock has the ability to fit and form for any concave, convex shaped base. Looking for something that will not only stand out, but stand in the minds of passer byers? Then this may be the profile for you.


Looking for custom?


FlatLock Tiles offer a simple yet elegant cladding solution that provides a longitudinal flat seam. The system uses a simple interlocking fold on all four sides. Two of which will be the over-the-cloak and the other two become the under-cloak. The top tile hooks over the fixed tile below which locks it into place. This is continued across the length and the height of your area. Tiles can be manufactured in varying sizes.

The FlatLock systems consists of pre-manufactured tiles laid directly on top of previously fixed tils. Each panel is then interlocked and the use of concealed clips and/or hooks.

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