Crafted through THE BRAKE PRESS

There is a lot of Sheet Metal Fabricators in Melbourne who offer Heavy Gauge Folding and Precision Folding, but what makes us different? Our Break Press machines allow us to consistently create precision folds with material up to 10mm thick*. We’ve got Brake Press machines in various sizes which not only allows us to accept jobs that even the big facilities are unable to fulfill; but we also ensure high quality pressing that you will be pleased with – every time. Whether you are needing heavy gauge flashings or custom trade work; we understand that some projects and applications just require more rigid material. With presses for most scenarios, you can trust that our Heavy Gauge Sheet Metal flashings are the best in the state. Looking at getting large radius folds that will make even your nana jealous? 

Crafted through long length folding

Our SWI Duplex machine gives us the ability to fold custom flashings to any profile that our clients provide us*. We can fold a seamless custom product to up tp 8 metres using our machines, however that is not where our edge lies. Design Sheetmetal has invested a large amount of resources into training our expert technicians ensuring that they are always up-to-date on up and company techniques and skills. Moreover, all out Long Length Folding goes through an engineering process to ensure that we produce exactly what our clients one, to a high standard – within the fastest turnaround times within the Victorian Market.

Experience Precision Sheetmetal By Design.

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