heavy guage pressing

High-Quality Precision Sheetmetal


Since building a strong engineering and custom trades department, we have continuously been able to elevate and refine our offerings – and more over expand on the the breadth of technically jobs that most usually cannot accept. Our Production engineers will create CAD/CAM drawings and programs for each of our jobs, this ensures that every product we manufacture is not only to specification but you can further trust that great care in innovation of fit-for-purpose functions is at the forefront of every drawing.

cnc brake press

Once the engineering team has creating the relevant models and the blanks have been punched/cut, it is time for some precision folding at the Brake Press. Our Brake Press machine is a Computer Number Control (CNC) machine which allows for a higher allowance of capacity and more over; higher quality and accuracy.

precision folding at the Brake Press
Design Sheetmetal - In-House Powder Coating

powder coating

Here at Design Sheetmetal, we are a full service establishment. We understand that most heavy gauge for facade and/or seen applications will need to be powder coated. Our In-House Powder Coating capability allows us to streamline the whole process for you, from quality control to fast & achievable timelines – We will look after the process for you.

Experience Precision Sheetmetal By Design.

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