Crafted through quality panels

Suitable for small and large runs, our Architectural Cladding Roll Formers produce exacting high-quality Panels in our four flagship profiles with multiple rib heights available in a vast array of high-end finishes.

In response to the significant demand for lightweight Architectural Cladding within the residential and commercial industries, our Architectural cladding department is continuously developing craftsmanship and technical expertise. Not your run-of-the-mill panel producers, our multifaceted team allow Roof Plumbers, Builders, Developers and Architects alike to fully and freely customise their cladding to suit with the trust of receiving innovative, quality products time and time again. A major driver that allows us to elevate and pioneer new product solutions continuously is our Engineering Department, as they render assistance in the most challenging scenarios to projects that most panel producers cannot take on. From Curved, Conical, Perforated, Embossed or tapered panels, you can trust that you will always receive your goods In Spec, On Time – Every time with Design Sheetmetal

Crafted through rainwater goods

Complete your Resi project with a large range of Roll Formed Rainwater products. Whether you are after Roof Battens,  or COLORBOND® Fascia and Gutter; we are continuously expanding our facility to produce more of Australia’s most loved products.

Experience Precision Sheetmetal By Design.

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