Crafted through durability

There will always be instances where painted .55 steel is not going to be thick or supportive enough for purpose. In other cases, you may require a different material that will be able to withstand various costal or whether environments. Powder Coating allows us to turn any heavy gauge component into a seamless and blended piece without skipping on the quality. Powder Coating comes in such a large range of colour, you are truly spoilt for choice. Whether you are wanting to colour match any existing trims or façade details in your home or project; the possibilities are endless.

Our In-House powder coating line gives us the freedom of fast turnaround times while keeping the highest level of quality control. From small to large jobs, our quality procedures require every piece to be checked over before being carefully packed. Our lines are exclusively optimised for sheet metal products which results in the elimination of any contamination or debris that may occur through the manufacturing process.  If you choose to Powder Coat with us; your component goes through an extensive quality process of cleaning, hand spraying, machine spraying then baking; this ensures a durable and seamless finish.

Experience Precision Sheetmetal By Design.

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