Architectural Cladding

essentially SEAMED

Bold and polished, the contemporary look and feel of a Standing Seam walls and roofs are matched only by its extreme durability.  Sophisticated and striking, this modern design is extremely versatile and is very well suited for an extensive host of application. Vertical or horizontal standing seam panels are crimped together after being secured with concealed clips at the ribs, and with a variety of rib heights and panel widths, the design opportunities are endless.


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The Standing Seam panels are affixed to plywood over an anti abrasive membrane (i.e Proctor), via concealed stainless steel clips, both fixed and sliding. Thus allowing for expansion and contraction of the material. Each panel has an under fold and an over fold. The under fold is held in place by either a fixed or sliding clip. The over fold panel side is then placed over both the clip and under fold side, then crimped to create a completely sealed seam edge.

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