Want translucent roofing without the nasties of ultra-violet rays and atmospheric pollutants? Most glass reinforced roof sheeting experience either yellowing or rapid product degradation at some point in their life. Laserlite Building Product’s Topglass® is a top choice when it comes to industrial roof sheeting, designed with major technological advances to ensure a cost-effective and long lasting product – Why not consider this purpose developed UV stabilised composite resin system for your next project. With Topglass® there is no compromising between quality, safety and brilliant light transmission


Topglass®GC is the flagship of all three fibreglass goods by Laserlite Building Products, using an innovative manufacturing process whereby a 100 micron* EXO-SET 206 Premium Gelcoat is applied to the weather surface of the sheeting. Topglass®GC can further be supplied in opaque colours as a great alternative for metal roofing and cladding systems that may sit within corrosion susceptible environments.


Designed for Industrial, Commercial, and domestic applications where maximum light transmission with minimal heat transfer is desirable; Laserlite Building Product’s TopCool is the perfect option. The fibre-reinforced polyester sheeting, produced with nanotechnology resins and surface films is a great choice for any project that is striving for reduce energy costs that may be associated with air conditioning and artificial lighting.

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